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Electrical and Instrumentation Supervisor

St. Marys Cement Company
Job Description
Supervises and coordinates activities of electricians and instrument technicians in the areas of safety, construction, maintenance, and repair.  Every employee is expected to promote a safe work environment and safe job performance by actively participating in all plant safety programs as directed by management.

Key Job Functions:
1.    Insures compliance with standards and codes (Company standards, local electrical codes, and State and Federal regulations.
2.    Be capable of overseeing electrical projects from inception to commissioning.  Specifically, concept evaluation, designs, estimated,         installation and commissioning of process/electrical equipment.
3.    Assists in developing and executing training programs within the department.
4.    Off-hours plant support - required to carry a phone in order to support plant issues / emergencies after regular working hours.
5.    Coordinated the activities of the electrical department with all other departments, coordinators, and sub-contractors.
6.    Insures that the key features of a predictive, preventive electrical maintenance effort are documented, communicated, executed, and                appropriate records kept.
7.    Optimizes the electrical maintenance department through efficiencies in operations, inventory control, communication, and team-building.

Must have high level of industrial troubleshooting / analytical skills with a demonstrated ability  in a power or control analysis situation that includes: an ability to collect factual field date using the tools of the electrical trade.  An ability to diagnose the power or process control in a given situation.  An ability to draw valid conclusions aimed at improvement, maintenance, or correction of situations.
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