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Service Installation Crew Member

Bulmann Dock & Lift
Job Description

Companies spend lots of time and marketing dollars to say that their people are their best asset… heck, so do we!  But how many companies founded and rooted in Northern Michigan have the same story we do… a story where over the last 24 years we’ve continued to market and sell a product that we manufacture right here in the community where we live, work and play.  We’ve continued to grow at an unbelievable rate through a recession, a pandemic, and more.  Every single one of our team members has a stake in the outcome of our work together and we know more than anyone, that it’s “all hands on DOCK” at Bulmann Dock & Lift.


It's because of this team spirit, shared goals, and shared rewards that we are only looking for people who also want to row in the same direction.  We’re only looking for people who want to partner with an organization that does more than state that they care for their people.. they really do.  We’re only looking for people that want to understand more than just what to do in their job, but how what they do affects our entire company… because when our team knows that we ALL win.


What does a Crew Member do?

As a crew member in our Service Department, you’ll work in small teams to install and remove docks and boat lifts.  When our company receives service requests, you’ll also help to troubleshoot and solve them.  You’ll work in the water in varying weather conditions but don’t worry… we have wetsuits that we provide each of our employees.  You’ll need to be familiar with hand tools such as wrenches, and it’s important that you work safely together under the direction of your crew leader to be efficient, accurate, and neat because after all… you’re caring for our clients at their home.


What is the schedule?

Because of the seasonality of our positions, we have the heaviest amount of hours during install and removal time periods.  Overtime that is scheduled is mandatory because as you can imagine, our small crews rely on everyone being there to complete our work.  Check out this schedule below:


  • Spring Install (April 15th -July 15th): Monday-Saturday, 7 am until dark
  • Summer (July 15th – Labor Day): Swing shift, 7a-5:30 pm, 4 on, 1 off, 4 on, 5 off (equates to every other weekend is a 5-day weekend)
  • Removal Season: (Labor Day- November 15th): Monday-Friday 7 am until dark


How are Crew Members rewarded? Check this out: our crew members receive

  • A starting wage of $16.91 hourly
  • An opportunity to earn a $0.50 raise at the end of each quarter (that’s every 3 months!) for the first 8 quarters of employment for meeting our attendance standards. $0.50 x 8 = a potential of $4!
  • Weekly commissions based on installation work that is completed.
  • Annual merit increases in addition to the attendance raises mentioned above
  • Benefits including 2 different health plans, dental and vision insurance on the first of the month following 60 days of employment. Did we mention that our base health plan is FREE for employees?
  • A retirement savings plan where the company will match your contributions up to a 3% match.
  • A semi-annual bonus program based on the financial health of the company. The plan is projected for the year; the team works to exceed that plan. This allows for the team members to earn a percentage of their wages, different levels, and percentages each year, as their bonus.


So be honest… have you been subconsciously nodding your head the whole time you’ve been reading this?  Are you ready to suit up and jump in with both feet?  If so, take a few minutes to submit your application RIGHT NOW.  We’re holding conversations with people just like you EVERY DAY.

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